Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here are some cutie patootie pics from Jayna's house Halloween night. Halloween happens to be mom's birthday so Jayna invited mom and dad for dinner. So all the family meets there to see each other. We unfortunately were 10 minutes late so we did not get to see all the cousins dressed up. I stole these pics off Jayna's camera!! Here's a cute one of Matti dressed up in her pumpkin outfit!! So cute!

This is Aunt Diane and cousin Tommy. I was hoping Tommy and Iz would see each other to get a picture. Oh well. Tommy is dressed as a cowboy. (Although from the look of the hat and shirt he could possibly be Omish/Minneit!!!! :)

Here's the Nelson gang. Sami-Jo is a cheerleader. Matti a pumpkin, Jayna a witch (just kidding)!! Jordyn is a pretty, pretty, princess, Jared is a character from the cars movie, Sara is an angel, and Shana is the girl from the movie The Grudge (haven't seen the movie--but apparently she looks alot like her??)

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PAT said...

Cute! They all look so cute!

We had under 30 tricksters all spread was a slow night in our subdivision.

I'm calling Jim over to have a look at Jayna's costume. What a hoot!