Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Game Night

Aaron has been working late into the night (helping a local farmer) so it's just me and Iz at home. Tonight since we had all our chores finished and bath complete we decided to play some games.
This is her favorite. It's a princess memory game (TAKES FOREVER!!!) But it's good for her!

Iz got Candyland LAST Christmas. So I finally decided to open it and give it a try. She didn't do to bad She understood the concept she jsut wnated to keep searching for the "good" cards instead of taking the top card. So obviously we will work on that.

Can u guess who won???

This another good educational game. She has to match the letter of the alphabet to the picture that starts with the same letter. We've worked several times on this one. She gets most of them--but some are a little tricky for her. Preschool has really helped with her alphabet (it's amazing the progress she is making this year --Thanks Ms. Ann!!)

Okay that's enough posts for one night. Basically killing time to see who won the election (at least who they project to win)--HOPE YOU ALL VOTED TODAY!!

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