Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yeah me!!!

Dorsey nominated me for this wonderful blog award!! Thanks so much!! Be sure to stop by and visit her blog (she loves comments!

The deal here, as I understand it to be, is to answer the following question with one word (if possible) (CRAP!!--after I posted and answered all of these questions I just NOW read the one word answer dealio--oops sorry!!)and the nominate others. So onto the questions:

Where is your cell phone? in my car
Where is your significant other? at work
Your hair color? Brownish-Red with GRAY starting to come in---what the h@%#!!!
Your mother? Wonderful, talented, loving, I could go on for days!!
Your father? wonderful, sacrastic, caring, I could go on for days!!
Your favorite thing? Seriously-sleeping in and all three of us cuddled in bed telling stories and giggling!
Your dream last night? I was too tired to dream. I hit the pillow and was out!!
Your dream/goal? To be a fun healthy mom (thats the nice way to say I want to lose my 'junk in the trunk'!!)
The room you're in? Shhh I'm at work at my desk!!
Your hobby? He's at work goofing off I'm sure.
Your fear? Wow this could be a deep answer! Not gonna answer this one--freaked me out when I started listing the answers in my head!
Where do you want to be in 6 yrs? In a old farm house with 2 kiddos and my hubbie
Where were you last night? I was a good girl and went to my Any Weigh meeting then came home to a quiet house to do housework and played in my stamp room for a while. Then when Izzy got did the usual bath/bedtime routine! Watched the 10pm news and went to bed! Pretty boring, I know!
What you're not? thin! LOL
Where you grew up? Hawk Point, MO
The last thing you did? pop a grape in my mouth!
What you are wearing? jeans, Farmall t-shirt and air walk shoes
Your TV? usually on cartoons!
Your pet? Izzy's lil' sister?? Nikki is in her dog house hiding from squirrels I'm sure.
Your computer? working quickly today!
Your mood? Kinda crabby (shocking, i know!)
Missing someone? Not today
Your car? really dusty
Something you're not wearing? Socks
Favorite Store? oh tough one! Gotta be Target, Michaels, or Kohls
Your summer? over entirely too quickly!
Love someone? YES! (Friends and family!)
Your favorite color? depends on my mood -- I tend to go with reds.
When is the last time you laughed? This morning when I dropped Izzy off at preschool.
Last time you cried? This week?????

So I'm going to nominate some other wonderful women for this award now...enjoy it ladies you've earned it!! Just copy the award and post it on your blogs!


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PAT said...

Hi Steph...I'm just now seeing this! Thanks for the award! I appreciate it.

We're at the lake for a few days.

I am loving the ability to be on the internet here!

Jim starts new med tests next week. Checking out why his arm is shrinking. Trying not to think scarey thoughts about that!

Have a great week!