Monday, September 8, 2008

Disney on Ice

This Saturday we went to Disney on Ice. The show was about the Incrediables visiting Disney world. It was a great performance. Here are some pics of our day!
This is Izzy and Lydia standing as close to the ice as possible. Our seats were in the second row. So we had an amazing view!!!!

I spend more time watching Izzy's face then the show! She was so amazed!! She about flipped out when Cinderella rolled out in her fancy coach!! I loved seeing how shocked and excited she was!! Who would have thought she could sit for 2 hours!!

Here's my attempt at getting a decent pic before the characters skated off. We had close seats but my piece of crap camera doesn't do well in the dark!! Hopefully Meg got some better pics!!

Izzy with G'ma and Cousin Meg. Unfortanetly I did not get a pic of Nancy and Lydia (Lydia was upset by how loud it was and had to leave shortly after the show started. Poor girl!!)

Izzy and Mommy! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to G'ma Janet for getting us all tickets with fabulous seats!! We all had a great time!! Thank you!

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