Monday, September 8, 2008


Sunday we went for a drive and saw some beautiful landscapes. This is a view of Calhoun County, ILL.
We ate lunch at the Finn Inn in Grafton, Ill. It's a great place to eat fish and a wonderful family atmosphere!! Each table has an aquarium so it keeps kiddos entertained. We really enjoy going there and we love the scenic drive. Unfortunately it takes a little longer to get there due to the Ferry closing in Winfield. Here is Izzy in the waiting room (there is always a line to eat) and there is this huge snapping turtle! Izzy was in awe!!

Izzy entertained hersel pretending to feed the fish pepper and salt!! I know, she's special!!

Izzy and her daddy looking at all the interesting fish at our table!! There were some cool ones. Izzy kept trying to pick out which one she was gonna eat!! She was a little confused!!

Here's a pic of Izzy poking her head out the window while on the Ferry. She just thought that riding the Ferry was the neatest thing ever!! She really enjoyed the day!

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